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2009 - V382 and V383 Lockout Valves

New Product Announcement - V382 and V383 Lockout Valve

Master Pneumatic has released two new lockout valves.  The V382 is a 2 position 3 way valve and the V383 is the Delayed Pressure Buildup version.  These valves can be modulary mounted to our Series 380 or used in any system with 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" pipe.  These new valves are compact and have high flow characteristics from inlet to outlet and through the exhaust port. 

The V382 and V383 are available with downstream pressure sensing accessories, mufflers, and NPTF or BSPP ports.  The exhaust port is greater than, or equal to the inlet/outlet ports.                                           


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