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Integral CFRL Combinations

The integration of a general purpose filter and a pressure regulator into a single module provides the compactness needed where space is limited. These integral filter/regulators are offered by Master Pneumatic in port sizes from 1/8" up to 3/4" along with SENTRY models equipped with quick-connect fittings for tubing from 1/4" up to 10 mm.

When an integral filter/regulator is paired with a lubricator, joined either by a modular connector or a pipe nipple, the assembly makes a complete FRL with nothing lost in performance, but with the advantage of compactness to fit in tight spaces.

All filter/regulators include an internal automatic filter drain and a pressure gauge as standard equipment, and regulators are either self-relieving or non-relieving. SENTRY, GUARDSMAN, and SERIES 380 assemblies include a lockout valve for added safety.

Available options are the same as those for the corresponding individual filters, regulators, and lubricators. They include regulating springs for various pressure ranges, metal filter bowls, and sintered bronze filter elements in several µm ratings, as well as quick-fill caps for the lubricators. All assemblies, except Miniatures, now include a lockout valve for increased safety.

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