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71 and 72 MPL Series
Service Kits & Literature

Up to 10 Servo-Meters can be assembled to make up a multiple point lubricator (MPL). 

The frequency of oil injection can be controlled by using one of the pulse counters or frequency controllers supplied by Master Pneumatic.

Series 710 factory assemblies employ two mounting holes. When a very rigid mounting is needed, order Series 720 which employs heavy-duty mounting plates with four mounting holes.


Ambient/Media Temperature:

40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).

Controller: See page 200 for the various types of controllers available.

Operating Pressure: 60-150 psig (4.1-10.3 bar).

Reservoir: See page 222 for the various types of reservoirs available.

Servo-Meter: Brass body; optional Aluminum and Nickel plated housings; acetal end caps. 1-Drop (0.030ml)rating; optional 1/2-drop (0.015ml) or 2-drop (0.060ml)rating. Minimum operating air pressure: 60 psig (4 bar).

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