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73 Automation Pacs
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A SERV-OIL Automation Pac is a self-contained assembly of oil reservoir, up to 20 Servo-Meters, and a controller. It is supplied ready for installation in a pneumatic circuit, with only ball checks, fittings, and tubing being required.

The Automation Pac will provide precision lubrication for up to 20 points on valves, cylinders, fixtures, automation equipment, and machine tools using pneumatic components.

Oil Reservoir. The Automation Pac oil reservoir is made of cast aluminum, and has a capacity of 1/2 gallon (1.9 liters). It has a built-in oil strainer, a transparent sight tube, a quick-fill cap, and a screw-on lid. If the Automation Pac is located where the oil level cannot easily be determined visually, electrical oil-level switches are available. There are both high-level and low-level switches. They can be connected to a remote electrical control for automatic filling of the reservoir.

Controllers: Double pulse counters, with or without a frequency generator, can be used to control the frequency of oil injection. These can be integrated into the assembly, or be in the form of stand-alone controllers. A stand-alone controller can be employed to control the injection frequency of several Automation Pacs.

In either case actuation pulses from the system control valve initiate the oil injection function. The controller then is set so the actual oil injection could be every cycle, or every 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cycles of the control valve.

Both types of controller are supplied with a 0.3-µm coalescing filter for clean, long-life operation. The coalescing filter should be preceded by 5-µm fi ltration to prolong the life of the coalescing element.


Ambient/Media Temperature:

40° to 175°F (4° to 79°C).

Reservoir: Aluminum; 0.5 gallon (1.9 liters) capacity.

Seals: Nitrile.

Servo-Meter: Brass body; optional
Aluminum and Nickle Plated brass; acetal end caps. 1-Drop (0.030ml)rating; optional 1/2-drop (0.015ml) or 2-drop (0.060ml)rating.

Servo-Meter Operating Pressure:

60-150 psig (4.1-10.3 bar).

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