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PC110 Controller, use with Constant Air Supply
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The PC110 frequency controller has been designed for constant inlet air supply and needs an actuation every 1, 5 or 10 pulses of air (The pulse of air can be adjusted from 1 to 300 seconds.)

The PC110 frequency controller is designed to take a constant air delivery and change it into a controllable pulse of air that will actuate attached counter and provide a range of air impulses from once a second to once every three hundred seconds or five minutes for consistent pulse.

First, the
frequency generator is adjusted clockwise with a stop watch.The sensitivity is most accurate between 1 to 60 seconds,according to M/P Engineering tests. The pneumatic counter is factory set at five, but adjustable by forcing the pointer with a screwdriver into the alternate positions of one and ten. Multiply the frequency generator times (1, 5 or 10) thecounter settings to get the range of air pulses. Counter settings:
1 = 1-30 seconds,
= 5-150 seconds,

The frequency controller is supplied standard with one pneumatic counter, one frequency generator and one filter to provide 0.3 micron air supply. 

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