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Series 350 BAGV1A1B6A13 Modular 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
Service Kits & Literature
* Modular or inline mounting
* Filter and Lubricator; Polycarbonate plastic bowl with nylon shatterguard; optional metal bowl with  sight glass
* Inlet pressure rated at 250 psig (17 bar) with metal bowls up to 175°F (79°C)
* Filter and Lubricator; Color caps available for visual management systems (Blue, red, yellow and grey). Consult factory for custom colors.
* Front mounted modular clamping design with encapsulated screws
* Compatible with modular 380 series of products
* NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads

* Designed to remove particulate material to 5 micron from the airstream to protect downstream equipment.
* Optional bronze 5-μm-rated, 20-μm-rated, and 40-μm-rated. 5-μm-rated Polyethylene filter elements are standard.
* Superior removal of free water up to 98% efficiency.
* Removal of effluents via manual or automatic float drains.

* Modular mounting allows regulators to be positioned at 45º increments for ease in adjustment.
* Superior pressure regulation - diaphragm type regulator
* Self relieving design; large diaphragm sensing area; non-relieving optional.
* Optional Pressure adjustment locking key; tamper resistant pressure setting.
* Inlet rated to 300 psig (21 bar)
* Reverse flow option.
* Optional Pressure gauge

* Sight feed design; transparent dome to show oil delivery.
* External oil delivery adjusting knob, removable for tamper resistance.

Consult catalog pages or factory for extra ports in assembly or for additional options.
Ambient/Media Temperature:
Plastic bowl, manual drain 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C)
Plastic bowl, fl oat drain 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C)
Metal bowl, manual drain 40° to 175°F (4° to 79°C)
Metal bowl, float drain 40° to 150°F (4° to 66°C)
Regulator ranges are dependant upon bowl type above.

Body: Zinc

Filter and Lubricator Bowl: 5.1-Ounce (151-ml) capacity polycarbonate plastic with nylon shatterguard; optional 6.0 ounce (177-ml) aluminum bowl with clear nylon sight glass. Lubricator bowl has an optional 10-ounce (300-ml) extended aluminum bowl with clear nylon sight glass.

Filter Bowl Drain:
Internal float drain; by removing the adjustment knob, a 3/16” (5mm) flexible tube can be connected to drain effluents. Optional manual drain.

Filter and Lubricator Cap Color:
Yellow, optional red, blue and grey.

Differential Pressure Gauge: Optional

Filter Element: 5-μm-rated polyethylene; optional 5-μm-rated, 20-μm-rated or 40-μm-rated sintered bronze.

Fluid Media: Compressed air

Inlet Pressure:
Plastic bowl & manual drain: 0-150 psig (0-10 bar)
Plastic bowl & Float drain: 30-150 psig (2-10 bar)
Metal bowl & manual drain: 0-250 psig (0-17 bar)
Metal bowl & Float drain: 30-200 psig (2-14 bar)

Regulator Dome: Nylon

Knob: Acetal

Outlet Pressure: Adjustable up to 150 psig (10 bar); optional adjusting springs. Optional Pressure Adjustment locking key: removable

Pressure Gauge: Optional. 1/4-NPT gauge ports front and rear.

Panel Mounting: 2-1/16 inch (52 mm) hole required

Seals: Nitrile

Self-relieving: Non-relieving optional.

Valve: Brass

Valve Cap: Nylon

Oil Adjustment: External; tamper resistant

Sight-Feed Dome: Nylon
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