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CFDR380 Full Size Modular 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4
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Filter (FD380) and regulator (R380) consolidated into a single space-saving assembly.

Modular or inline mounting.

5-µm-rated polyethylene; optional
polyethylene, 5-um or 20-um sintered bronze.

Polycarbonate plastic bowl with steel shatterguard; optional metal bowl with sight glass.

Internal automatic drain; optional manual drain and internal float drain.

Self-relieving diaphragm-type regulator; non-relieving optional.

Pressure adjustment locking key; tamper- resistant pressure setting.

Pressure gauge optional; two gauge ports.

NPTF port threads; optional BSPP threads.

Ambient/Media Temperature:
Plastic Bowl, all drain types: 40° to 125°F (4° to 52°C).
Metal Bowl, manual & auto drains: 40° to 175°F (4° to 79°C).
Metal Bowl, float drains: 40° to 150°F (4° to 66°C).

Body: Zinc.

Dome: Nylon; aluminum wth optional 0-175 psig spring.

Bowl: 9-Ounce (270-ml) polycarbonate plastic with steel shatterguard; optional aluminum bowl with clear nylon sight glass.

Bowl Drain: Internal automatic drain; optional manual drain and internal float drain.

Cap Color: Black.

Filter Element: 5-µm-rated polyethylene; optional
polyethylene, 5 um or 20 um sintered bronze.

Fluid Media: Compressed air.

Inlet Pressure:
Minimum:  15 psig (1 bar) with automatic drain, 30 psig (2 bar) with internal float drain.
Plastic bowl: 150 psig (10 bar).
Metal bowl: 200 psig (14 bar).

Outlet Pressure: Adjustable up to 125 psig (8.6 bar); optional adjusting springs.

Pressure Adjustment Locking Key: Removable.

Pressure Gauge: 0 to 200 psig (14 bar); 1/4 NPT gauge ports front and rear.

Panel Mounting: 2.05-inch (52.1-mm) hole required.

Seals: Nitrile.

Valve: Brass.
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